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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Planning is the most important step in your parish project

If Jim could offer one bit of advice to a parish about to begin raising funds for a large project, it would be this: Don’t shortchange the planning process. Once your project’s concept is approved, it’s a natural inclination to jump right into asking people to give. Jim and his parish, however, chose the wisest course of action for a parish on the verge of a major fund raising project—to begin with a Planning Study. Continue reading on our blog, Every Good and Perfect Gift.



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Raising Funds for Capital Improvement Projects: A fundraising campaign can benefit in many ways by using outside, expert fundraising assistance. Orthodox Parish Development can create and implement a strategy for your parish.

Parish Strategic Planning: Orthodox Parish Development provides strategic planning assistance when Orthodox Christian churches have found themselves facing new opportunities and challenges.

Expanding Stewardship: All parishes are at slightly different points in growing their stewardship. In the important work of encouraging individual stewards to stretch themselves further in giving back to God through the Church, no one strategy will work for all parishes. Orthodox Parish Development can help your parish to improve its current stewardship practices in a variety of ways.

Planned Giving and Parish Endowments: On the day we take our last breath in this life, we all have the ability to make one of the most significant gifts of our lives. Orthodox Parish Development can assist parishes to extend the opportunity to parishioners to give in this fashion.

Seeking Grants for Parish Programs: Orthodox Parish Development offers guidance for process of seeking grants for parishes.

Other Fundraising Guidance For Parishes: From time to time, parishes feel the need to ask an objective, professional opinion about some aspect of fundraising, and often it is difficult to decide to whom to turn for guidance. Orthodox Parish Development is here to help!