From time to time, parishes feel the need to ask an objective, professional opinion about some aspect of fundraising, and often it is difficult to decide to whom to turn for guidance. Clergy and lay leadership alike should feel free to contact us, even for a short brainstorming session over the phone or email. Some of the questions that have been brought to us in the past include:

  • “We are thinking about starting a day school. How can we be sure that we can afford it?”
  • “Our building project is only a pipe dream to us at present. What should we be doing now to begin to prepare to build our church in the more remote future?”
  • “We are a small mission parish. How do we build ministries while our ‘base’ of stewards is transient and our stewardship is moderate, on average?”
  • “Our renovation fundraising has yet to begin. When do we start: after we have concrete cost projections, or before?”